Power Diary Reviews

Happy customers are our lifeblood. Here’s what our clients are saying…

"I've used a number of different cloud-based practice management systems and there is no doubt that Power Diary is the best in class."

Dr. Ryan Kaplan
Clinical Psychologist, Be Psychology and Mental Health

"Easy to use, reliable, convenient for file storage."

Couples Counselling Clinic

"Power diary is efficient and easy to use"

Psychology & Animal Assisted Wellbeing

“Great easy booking system - love that I can track business reports, store patient notes/files, send emails, invoices/receipts and write letters directly through the program! Has made my business seamless!”

Sarah Sealey
Amity Physio Pilates

"All in one program for complete practice management."

Podiatry Clinic

"Really efficient planning and invoicing. The reminder emails and text messages have been reliable. I have been thoroughly impressed with it!"

Paediatric Therapy Clinic

"In a small way, it is like having a secretary - very helpful."

Chronic Pain Relief Clinic

"Thanks for all your help and support. This is a great resource."


"Very easy to use. Interfaces with Xero, and Medicare and MailChimp. Easy to use from iPhone and iPad too!"

Amanda Mannes,
Dietician & Nutritionist
Accept Health

"Helps me generate invoices remotely for head office. Able to make appointments easily. Able to keep track of money received for accounting purposes."

Natural Therapies Clinic

"I just had to write and tell you – I set up the client portal this morning and have already had one of my former clients re-engage and book in – via her iPad! She said the portal was easy to use. Thanks for a great product – please pass on my thanks to everyone in your team :)"


"Powerdiary has streamlined so much of our admin, complies with our record keeping requirements and is easily accessed by all staff, regardless of their location."

Speech Pathology & Occupational Health Clinic

"All (well the vast majority at least) love booking their appointments through our Client Portal in the Power Diary … some wake up with pain in the middle of the night, and they reach for their iPad or Tablet – log on – and book the next available time that suits them too! They all love the fact that they can book at whatever time of the day (or night) they choose, and they can secure a time rather than just ‘request a time for confirmation’ like so many other online booking systems. It also saves on Receptionist wages when clients can book online without needing to speak with someone!"

Tony Logan-Stevens,
Remedial Massage Therapist
Hands from Heaven

"So easy to use. If I have any problems the staff from power Diary are so efficient with the response."

Psychology Clinic

"Power diary is the most intuitive, easy to use client appointment system I have used so far. By Psychologists for Psychologists! GOLD! Thanks Guys”

Dr Zoe Barnett,
Presence Psychology

"Easy to use, economical, clients very happy with sms notifications. since using Power Diary client no shows almost non-existant."

Remedial Therapies Clinic

"Excellent monitoring and organisation of appointments. SMS has significantly reduced no shows."

Dance Studio

"Power Diary is an invaluable tool for my practice. It's incredibly time-saving, professional and exceptional value for money."

Counselling Clinic

"Wow Damien, your service as always is amazing. Thank you to you and your team. Power Diary is a pretty fantastic system I must say - especially now it integrates with Xero!!"

Carla Rogers, Here and Now Health

"It is fantastic for booking clients in and submitting the medicare rebate"

Psychology & Coaching Clinic 

"Good online booking system with client session note taking."

Natalie Warghorn
Bodyfocus Remedial and Sports Massage

"The reminders sent to my clients have eliminated no shows. The diary is easy to use.."

Psychology Clinic

"I find your customer service EXCELLENT!! I love Power Diary!!"

Speech Pathologist
Northern Beaches Children’s Therapies

"Powerdiary keeps all parts of my business together in one easily accessible place. Very responsive to questions or concerns and frequently improving functionality."

Psychology Clinic

“We have been using Power Diary since 2008. It does everything we need: including managing appointments, keeping track of accounts and payments, sending appointment reminders to clients, and the whole system works together so it is integrated. Using Power Diary is like using the iPhone, iPad and iMac. You just don't have to think about it. It is both simple and intuitive, where everything just works!”

Analysis WA
Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy Services (Perth, W.A)

"Great easy booking system - love that I can track business reports, store patient notes / files, send emails, invoices / receipts and write letters directly through the program! Has made my business seamless!."

Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinic

"Hi Guys, I just want to let you know that Power Diary is such a great tool for my practice. I especially appreciate the fact that you continue to update it, adding many more features, making it better and better. Thank you for offering such a great product. Easy to use with any device from anywhere."

Stefania Pallotta,
Healing Wings

"It keeps me super organised and lets my clients know when their appointments are."

Spiritual Counselling Clinic

"Power Diary has saved me at least 4 hours a week in admin time and the Client Portal means I don't have to take booking phone calls anymore. It's like having an office assistant!."

Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinic

"Power Diary helps my business by coordinating clients appointments, reminders, and invoices with ease. Also, clients find it easy to book appointments online."

Psychology Services

"It helps me to reduce "no shows" and considering the monthly fee, is more than a return on investment."

Golf Coaching Clinic

“Power Diary helps me manage my whole psychology practice. Invoices, payments, appointments, patient reminders, the list goes on. I really could not function without it and would unreservedly recommend it. A brilliant product. I must add that the helpdesk staff are very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful which I think is one of the most important aspects.”

Evelyn House Psychology

"Power Diary has made my life at my clinic so easy. From the client portal, custom invoices, sales reports, etc - even for a small business like mine, it all increases my professional image and efficiency!"

Adam, Chinese Medicine Clinic

"Power Diary is absolutely central to the smooth running of our business. We've found it to be a one-stop shop for managing calendars, invoicing, book-keeping, staying on top of referral patterns, managing Medicare and creating paperless client records. The support we've received when we've had a question about Power Diary has been outstanding. I have full confidence that whatever our query is Clare and the team will find a way to resolve it. Thank you so much!"

Jacqueline Baulch,
Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology

"Power Diary has been such an asset to our small business. We’ve reduced time spent on diary management, paperwork, managing referrals and invoicing. It has helped us put in place efficient procedures for all aspects of our business. We’ve been in business over 10 years but only discovered Power Diary in the last few years. It has made such a huge difference – making everything run smoother, more efficiently and looks so professional – leaving us more time to focus on our clients."

Dr Kristine Kafer,
Clinical Psychologist & Co-Practice Owner,
Psychology Options

"Makes organising appointments a lot easier, particularly with the sms reminders for parents."

Occupational Therapy Clinic

"We've found Power Diary to be robust, accurate, 'bug-free', easily tailored, and most importantly easy to use for practitioners and support staff. I can recommend it as a web-based appointment scheduling software for other psychologists."

Damian Panozza
Balance Psychology (Seaford, Vic)

“Very simple to use and appropriate for our Sports Massage and injury management clinic. The support has been prompt and helpful. Clear interfaces. Love the communication with Mailchimp which makes marketing very easy. Would recommend to any similar business.”

Antony Choice,
Sports Massage & Injury Management Clinic

"Love the portability. Uncomplicated compared to other products I looked at a few years ago, and has stayed that way. Not simple, uncomplicated."

Physiotherapy Clinic

"It saves us lots of time in generating reminders and invoices for our clients. It's great for our small business and reasonable in price. Thank you Power Diary!"

Speech Pathology Clinic

"Powerdiary has provided St Paul's Counselling Centre with an effective and easy technical client management system. The system has made client appointments, letters to doctors, client files, payment and Medicare so simple and easy. St Paul's Counselling Centre highly recommends Powerdiary to any Allied Health Organisation or an individual Clinician."

St Paul’s Counselling Centre

"It is the perfect software to run our practice."

Speech Pathology Clinic

"Power Diary is very user friendly and has all the necessary components of a good program to be able to run our psychology practice efficiently. I also find the customer service very helpful and love the online chat- my questions get answered on the spot!"

Child and Family Psychology Clinic

"Easy to see and use diary and client records. I don't have to worry about confirming appointments as it's all done for me."

Massage & Myotherapy Clinic

"Online access to diaries means I can have all the information about clients that I need at any time. It makes discussion with admin easy."

Psychology Clinic

"Power diary allows you to manage all aspects of your business in one place, fabulous!"

Psychology Clinic

"It is easy to manage and administer. The system allows me to keep track of client information without too much time being devoted to it. This gives me time to do other things. The SMS system has been a life saver as I was putting this data in by phone every day before I started using Power diary. This change has been the best for me. I am learning new features of the system each week. The options for checking Medicare information is excellent on this system."

Counselling Clinic

"Love Power Diary – easy to use /navigate for both myself & my clients. Clients love the reminder text messages. I don’t have a web page, but I was still able to set up the diary & my clients found it easy to access & the convenience of booking themselves in. Thank you for making it easy for me."

Michelle Rademaker
Remedial Massage,
Michelle Rademaker Therapies

"Automatic text reminders have made a great improvement to the practice as well as Medicare bulk billing."

Psychology Clinic

"PD has assisted me with managing my appointments, case notes and reporting requirements and also with invoicing clients and sending claims to Medicare."

Psychology Clinic

"I have my own midwifery clinic and I stumbled across Power Diary on FB. Can I tell you I love it! I have all my clients on there, I access it at the office and at home, I have our logo on the invoices and have uploaded files for each client. The mums love getting the reminders. I can also cater for our group activities. The best thing is the price. Again thank you for Power Diary!"

Michelle Peters, Midwifery Clinic,
A Beautiful Start To Life

"Good online booking system with client session note taking."

Remedial and Sports Massage Clinic

"Power Diary is set up with my needs as an allied health practitioner in mind. It is very intuitive to use and offers a wide range of functions if you want to use them. I appreciate my schedule is very easy to read on a mobile device too."

Psychology Clinic

"The most value for money assest in my massage business online booking, bulk email and automatic appt reminders are just a few of the great features."

Massage Therapy Clinic

"I am totally impressed with your product and won't hesitate to recommend it, especially your fantastic personal service."


"Power Diary is great with its seamless Xero integration. Helps streamline our accounting."

Child Psychology Clinic

“The most value for money asset in my massage business. Online booking, bulk email and automatic appt reminders are just a few of the great features.”

Julanne Rafter,
Remedial Massage Therapist
Sol Bodyworks Remedial Massage

"It is a must for scheduling our appointments daily."

Driving School

"I have found the diary to be a wonderful part of my private practice, wish I had it 6 years ago"

Mari Molloy,
Obsidian Psychology

"Very sophisticated records system. It's been great to be able to add notes and upload files to the system. It's also fantastic to have a complete history of client appointments."

Therapy & Counselling Clinic

"Power Diary is great, it has made my calendar far easier to manage and I love that others can access it and schedule appointments"

Fitness by Fitness / 4886

"It saves me time sending out SMS reminders, and is instrumental in organizing group classes, tracking attendance statistics and is able to keep track of punch pass uses."

Fitness Centre

"Power Diary is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Whether we are making an appointment, generating an invoice, or looking up a client's history or details, it is quick and effortless. The different diary views, as well as colour coding of appointments means that it is really easy to see what is happening, and also see any gaps in the diary. When you compare Power Diary with other systems there is such a difference - both in terms of the extra things Power Diary can do, as well as the price. Using Power Diary is very economical. We have also been thrilled with the support and service we have received."

The Attuned Psychology Team (Adelaide, SA)

"...I am very happy (and impressed!) with the way you have brought all of the data from my old database into Power Diary – it’s fantastic to be able to go in and use it straight away. Thank you very much, it is more than I expected. Power Diary just keeps getting more and more powerful!!"

Keren, St Kilda Kinesiology

“Really efficient planning and invoicing. The reminder emails and text messages have been reliable. I have been thoroughly impressed with Power Diary!”

Lauren Darsie,
Childspace Paediatric Physiotherapy

"Streamlines the process of booking and communicating effectively with clients."

Psychology Clinic

"Helps me get organised and make my appointments for the week. I can easily visually see who is still owing payments and also it creates space for me to add extra things. Your help desk is amazing. Thankyou!"

Speech Pathology Clinic

"I have been using Power Diary for a number of years now with great success. My remote reception can update my diary entries without any issues. It has been a great tool for my private practice. It has also been helpful with generating reports."

Counselling Services

"Our business runs a lot smoother and our clients love the online booking."

Massage Clinic

"Easy to access appointments, client notes anywhere! I use it on my laptop at work, iPad and phone! Very visual and easy to use."

Massage Therapy Clinic

"Helps me remain organised, great that I can put a note next to my notes about what I need to do next time or in between, clearly laid out boxes, easy to navigate."

Podiatry Clinic

"Simplifies all tasks associated with administration of my practice."

Psychology Clinic

"Power Diary helps me get organized and make my appointments for the week. I can easily visually see who is still owing payments and also it creates space for me to add extra things. Your help desk is amazing. Thank you!"

Sofie Egan,
Speech Pathologist

"The most useful element is the ability to log on from anywhere, and also to have multiple users logging into the one diary. It means I can stay up to date with any changes, and my reception staff can log in whether they are at the front desk, or just happen to be near of phone. I also like the easy backup, and the reporting options. It makes it easy to prepared information for my BAS."

Psychology Clinic

"PowerDiary helps me manage my whole psychology practice. Invoices, payments, appointments, patient reminders, the list goes on. I really could not function without it and would unreservedly recommend it. A brilliant product. I must add that the helpdesk staff are very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful -which I think is one of the most important aspects."

Psychology Clinic

"Power Diary is great. It keeps track of appointments and billing. Makes tax and BAS very easy."

Psychology & Occupational Therapy Clinic

"A lot better than other online diaries for health professionals. Easy assess ability with smart phone version is another added advantage for satellite offices."

Roy Rathnam,
Inspire Physio Care

"Honestly we would be lost without it. The best feature is the reminder texts to patients. We have very few no shows as a result. It makes Medicare rebate and bulk-bill processing pretty easy as well."

Psychology Clinic

"Convenient access to my calender no matter where I am. Very helpful in story client notes and details."

Tiffany, Children’s Occupational Therapy Clinic

"This product is really well designed, user friendly and reduces FTA rates. Love the integration of diary, notes and accounting all in one!"

Podiatry Clinic

"Professional, productivity, profitability, coordination and more"

Couselling & Psychology Clinic

"Helps organise my life - simply"

Psychological Services

"Easy to access when working remotely. It syncs with Xero making bookkeeping very convenient."

Speech Pathology Clinic

"Organisation. Confirming appointments. Appointment setting. Billing. Case notes. Reports. Planning. Remote work."

Counselling Services

"Super easy to use. Fabulous that its cloud based."

Soft Tissue Therapy Clinic

"Helps with appointment bookings, sending reminders, recording client notes, etc. It makes my job a lot easier. I don't have to worry about administrative tasks and can just focus on helping others."

Teen Coaching Clinic

"Helps me manage my bookings and invoices and sends text reminders to clients which improves my attendance rates. It also syncs to my google calendar which helps me integrate my work and personal life. I also use the invoicing features and use it for sending bulk emails and setting up communication templates."

Psychology Clinic

“Very easy to operate and manage everything with excellent customer support.”

Santosh Kumar,
Santosh Physiotherapy

"Absolutely love Power Diary! It is simple to use and makes my life easy. My clients love it too. Cannot recommend this diary enough to allied health professionals."

Physiotherapy Clinic

"Having used a computer based appointment program (Front Desk) for many years (about 10 years) in my previous chiropractic business, I was aware of my requirements in setting up my new business which had two locations and would have no reception staff. I looked at several Internet based programs and had specific ideals; looked and feel that it was intuitively built for the user – a practitioner not an accountant or computer expert, multiple back up and the ability to download the database, excellent help service, online booking facility for clients, quick to use. I found that I was able to discuss my specific requirements with the knowledgeable and friendly Power Diary staff before I signed on and they were able to suggest ways to carry those requirements out. I have been using Power Diary for a long time now and have found it very easy to use and on the rare occasions when I’ve required help my questions have been answered promptly and expertly. I have been impressed with the ongoing innovations and improvements that are being made to Power Diary and the fact that they are always looking for suggestions from their customers for further improvements. My clients often comment on the ease and convenience of the online booking system. I am able to check and alter my appointments from any computer or smartphone. Recently when I was parked on the freeway between offices for an hour (a truck had rolled and spilt it’s load) I was able to contact people and rearrange appointments using my mobile phone."

Dr Ken Stewart
Enkindle Wellness – Gentle Chiropractice Care

"Clients can check my availability and book online 24/7. I don't have to remember to SMS clients to remind them of appointments."

Remedial Massage Clinic

"I use Power Diary to manage all my client bookings. The system is easy-to-use, and because it is web based I can run my business from anywhere. When I am visiting family on the coast I often log in and see what I have on for the week ahead. It really gives me freedom."

Molly Jacobs,
Bat Your Lash (South Yarra, VIC)

"Systematic, streamlined, reliable and everything in one place."

Paediatric Occupational Therapy Practice

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